Dónde Location Intelligent Platform

A location marketing platform for brands and retailers to convert digital traffic into sales

  • Understand Shopper's Location
  • Deliver Relevant Content
  • Measure ROI
Pricing & Signup
Dónde Platform Integration

Reach Your Customers

Deliver dynamic location-based content through your website, store locator, emails or social media with the Dónde platform.

Simple Integration
Easily integrate with Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, Magento and/or social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
Geolocating shoppers allows you to serve dynamic content based on location and gather critical analytics to increase sales.
Dynamic Call to Action
Combine location intelligence with analytics based business logic to adapt content and drive traffic effectively.

Convert Mobile Shoppers

Donde is a mobile marketing platform for brands and retailers that helps drive foot traffic, improve mobile SEO performance and deliver an omnichannel strategy. Our location aware technology understands location, dynamically delivers relevant content and measures ROI through location intelligence.

Dónde Analytics Dashboard

Localize Your Marketing at Scale

The Dónde dashboard makes it simple to update locations, configure, and view real-time analytics on your locator, local landing pages and omnichannel promotions.

Location Specific Analytics
Learn who is visiting, where they are from, what device they are using, and how they are interacting with your brand.
Slice and Dice Data
We provided analytics that allow you to apply filters around geography, device type, and date to help you sift data and uncover differences in behaviors and trends.